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The Mecto Amore~
Welcome love. Take a load off, anywhere you like. What can this 'ol racybot do for you? Come now, don't be shy. I am rather good with my hands, and well, everything else~

[Blog is an AU representation of The Spine from Steam Powered Giraffe. NSFW, character and mod are of age. I do not in any way claim to own The Spine, or claim to be David Michael Bennett. Will RP with any fandom, please refer to allowed fetishes - or ask if one isn't there. Thanks!]
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Off to work for this mod! Laters! <3

Anonymous wondered:
All I can imagine is like 10 people tucked into a tub as tightly as possible with Racy, and water sloshing everywhere and its just fantastically amusing.

"That sounds like the opposite of a problem, friend."


They’ll never get it right.

something older. their relationship headcanons have been yelling at me.
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Links that have a page work now. Sorry about that!

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[Well my fever still hasn’t broken yet so I should probably try and get some sleep. 

Racy had a lot of fun tonight guys! If I’m feeling up to it tomorrow I’ll continue the threads from tonight!

Yer all awesome. <3]

walter-girl-steph wondered:
-gives Sway love and snuggles- I'll make you soup. You're too awesome to be sick.

[*Snuggles right back* Awe, yer so sweet. Well thank you! I hope I feel better soon…I just keep thinking about delicious food I can’t have.]

whitetigerzord wondered:
-there's a light giggle from the purplette and she moves for the tub, starting to work out of clothes as she goes.-

Racy sits up with a smile, just happy to see her. “I swear you’re moving so slow on purpose~”

ingenieurinventif wondered:
"Good evening Racy." The engineer says with a voice as warm as his smile.

"Mikas!" The bot nearly jumps right out of his chassis at the sound of the engineer’s voice. "Oh Mikas! I’ve missedyousomuch!" Racy’s words quickly become a garbled mess.

"Why yes, my bathtub is able to fit several more bodies in it~"




"Pish posh. I’m just the opposite. Lovebot, racybot, whatever term you like. Just wondering if there’s anyone who would like to keep me company is all."

"L-l-love bot? So like… Ya "love" instead o’ play music? I w-w-w-would but I c-c-c-cant be in water. A leak could really make me sick."

"I’m fine with water but I really don’t think I can fit," he was a bit of a bara -Spine.  "And I don’t know why I would need to fit personally and you might have a virus," STDs. Funny.

"Should we be looking away or something?" He covered his eyes. The goof.

The racybot pouts at the copper bot before turning his attention right back to his other counterpart. He seems to take the virus comment a bit to heart.

"I have the most up to date, perfected virus software known to man and automaton alike."

Racy frowns and looks away. “You can look away if you like. But it’s just a penis, after all. Not much to see here.”